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Google Faces Suit Over Kids’ In-App Purchases

Children’s apps continue to face heat over accidental, unintentional, or unauthorized in-app purchases by kids. Read the full story here.

6 Million PS4s Sold

Sony has announced that more than 6 million PlayStation 4s have been sold around the world. Read the full report here.

U.S. Teens Use Game Consoles More for Internet than Gaming

61% of teens use game consoles to go online. View the report here.

Violent Games Could Hinder Moral Development in Teens

The debate over whether or not violent video games are bad for children continues. Read the article here.

Flappy Bird App Discontinued By Developer Because It Was ‘An Addictive Product’

The creator of the popular Flappy Bird app decided to remove it because it was too addictive. Read the full report here.

Top 10 Highest-Selling Video Games in 2013

A list of the highest selling video games of last year, including Grant Theft Auto 5 at the top spot. Read the full article here.

Top 10 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2014

With new video hardware on the scene, here’s a look at 10 new games scheduled for a 2014 release. Read the list here.

L.A. Students Get iPads for Classroom, Play Video Games Instead

School administrators were hoping the devices would enhance the learning experience in the classroom. Read the full story here.

Online Gaming Set to Become Powerful Entertainment Media

One in four of the world’s population regularly accesses games on the Internet, and the market is growing. Read the full article here.

Grand Theft Auto V Tops $800 Million On Day One

Grand Theft Auto V is officially off to the fastest start in series history. Read the full article here.