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Mature-Rated Video Games May Increase Teens’ High-Risk Behavior

A recent study found that teenagers who play mature-rated, violent or risk-glorifying video games may be more likely to engage in a wide range of deviant behaviors. Read the article here.

Shoot to Kill: The Real Impact of Violent Video Games

Fuller Youth Institute’s Via Media blog discusses violent video games. Read the post here.

College Recruiting Gamers as Athletes

A University will offer about 30 athletic scholarships to students who play the “League of Legends’ video game. Read the full article here.

Excessive Gaming Increases Aggression and Addictiveness in Teens

A new article published in Neurology Now argues that too much gaming can negatively affect adolescent brains. Read the story here.

Is Screen Time for Teenagers Okay Right Before Bed?

An experienced gamer can hack and slash away for a while and then sleep just fine, research in Australia shows. Read the article here.

Five Video Game Trends from E3 2014

USAToday looks at five key video game trends from this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Read the article here.

Kids Still Spend the Most Time with TV

TV remains the biggest single element of kids’ media usage according to a new report from eMarketer. Read the article here.

Call of Duty Linked to the Suicides of Four Teenagers

A coroner has slammed the violent video game Call of Duty after a string of teenagers who regularly played it killed themselves. Read the full story here.

How Your Kids Can Surf Safely with a Tablet

USA Today’s Jennifer Jolly shows parents some tips for making tablet surfing safer for kids. View the video or read the article here.

Google Faces Suit Over Kids’ In-App Purchases

Children’s apps continue to face heat over accidental, unintentional, or unauthorized in-app purchases by kids. Read the full story here.