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Digital Natives Still Spend More Time with Traditional Media

Traditional TV is still the primary media device for kids and teens. Read the report here.

DVR ALERT: Web Junkie on PBS POV – Premieres July 13, 2015

PBS will premiere Web Junkie on July 13, 2015. Web Junkie, a part of their POV documentary series, takes a look at Internet addiction among Chinese teenagers.

View the website here.
Check your local PBS station for air time.

Watch the trailer here:

PewDiePie Makes So Much Because A New Generation Bored With TV

Reportedly, YouTube star PewDiePie made $7.5 million last year… largely in part because he attracts a young generation of fans. Read the article here.

Young Becoming Hostages to Handheld Devices

Future generations of young people risk becoming “hostages to handheld devices” and disengaged from physical activity, a sports charity says.┬áRead the article here.

Psychologist Says ‘Boys Risk Becoming Addicted to Porn, Video Games and Ritalin’

Absent fathers and feminized schools are driving boys into a disconnected online world of porn and video games, argues academic Philip Zimbardo. Read the article here.

As Video Gaming Evolves, Who’s Playing?

Digital passed physical to grab majority of video game sales last year. Read the rest of the report here.

Why Technology is Not the Enemy… As Long As We Redeem It

Tim Elmore points out that technology isn’t going away – so we’re going to have to find ways to redeem it. Read the blog post here.

Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2015

A majority of teens report access to a computer, game console, smartphone and a tablet. Read the full research report (and download the full .pdf version) from Pew Research Center here.

Video Gaming Maintains Its Cool Factor Among Teens

Teens who Don’t use video games are the exception. Read the report here.

15 Video Games to Watch in 2015

USA Today takes a look at some of the best video game arrivals of the year. Read their list here.