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Teens Are Downloading Jott Like Crazy

A white-hot new app for instant messaging, Jott has nearly 500,000 monthly users and one million app installs after just three months on the market, and most of them are teens. Read the full article here.

Here’s How Half a Million U.S. Teens are Texting Without a Data Plan

Jott, a new mobile messaging app that allows users to text with a data plan is been gaining steam among teens. Read more about it here.

The App Addicted Teen [Infographic]

Youth Specialties offers us a look at The Social Life of the App-Addicted Teen in the helpful form of an infographic. View it here.

Brutally Honest: How to Keep Your Teens from Texting and Driving

What we do as parents can definitely impact our teen drivers. Watch the video and read the article here.

Teen Texting Terms You Should Know

Yahoo! provides parents with a few texting terms they might want to familiarize themselves with. View the video and read the article here.

Study: Parents Worse Than Teens at Texting While Driving

A new study shows that the older a person gets, the more dangerous they are if they are driving while texting. Read the article here.

Trying to Hit the Brake on Texting While Driving

Scott Tibbitts has developed a small black box, used to block incoming and outgoing texts while driving. Read the article here.

Why Chatbots are the Next Frontier in Teen Marketing

Will brands soon engage with teens using chatbots? Actually, many already are. Read more here.

Who Are Those Distracted Teen Drivers Calling and Texting? Often, Mom or Dad

Up to half of teens talking on cellphones while driving are speaking with their mother or father, according to new research. Read the article here.

15 Sites and Apps Kids Are Heading to Beyond Facebook

Next-generation apps that let users text, video-chat, shop, and share their pics and videos are attracting teens like catnip, from Common Sense Media. Read the full list here.