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Brutally Honest: How to Keep Your Teens from Texting and Driving

What we do as parents can definitely impact our teen drivers. Watch the video and read the article here.

Teen Texting Terms You Should Know

Yahoo! provides parents with a few texting terms they might want to familiarize themselves with. View the video and read the article here.

Study: Parents Worse Than Teens at Texting While Driving

A new study shows that the older a person gets, the more dangerous they are if they are driving while texting. Read the article here.

Driver in Fatal 85-MPH Crash was on Facebook

A young North Dakota woman charged with killing an 89-year-old great-grandmother was on Facebook on her phone when crash occurred. Read the story here.

Who Are Those Distracted Teen Drivers Calling and Texting? Often, Mom or Dad

Up to half of teens talking on cellphones while driving are speaking with their mother or father, according to new research. Read the article here.

Texting Improves Link Between Sick Teens and Doctors

Adolescents with chronic diseases who were allowed to text their doctors were better equipped to manage their own healthcare and more likely to request help at the first sign of problems, a new study found. Read the full story here.

7 Dangerous Apps that Parents Need to Know About

A look into some of the scariest apps for your kids. Read the article here.

Teenagers ‘More Confident Talking to Each Other via Smartphones than Face-to-Face’

Half of teenagers are more confident expressing themselves over text or social media than a traditional face to face conversation. Read the article here.

SnapChat Rolls out Text, Video Messaging

Snapchat is expanding into the arena of texting and video messaging. Read the article here.

Teens Dropping Social Nets for Social Apps

Survey data suggests teen are leaving social networks like Facebook in favor of social apps. Read the article here.