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Media Violence

An examination of violence, graphic violence, and gun violence in the media from the Parents Television Council. Download the full report here.

7 Media-Savvy Skills All Parents Need in 2014

Smart strategies for managing your kids’ media and technology this year, from Common Sense Media. Read the article here.

Teens Up Usage for Connected TVs, Mobile

Teen use of tablets, smartphones and connected TVs continues to rise. Read the article here.

Redefining What It Means to ‘Watch TV’

A new study published in Pediatrics reports that TV viewing is down significantly in the past decade among those aged 11 to 16. Read the full article here.

Multitasking College Students Keep Multiple Screens on Hand

Despite limited resources, college students in the US have a variety of Internet-enabled devices to keep them constantly connected. Read the full article here.

Blurred & Pixelated Nudity Increasing on Broadcast TV and Being Rated as Acceptable for Children

Research from the Parents Television Council exposes flaws in TV rating system. Read the full article here.

How to Set Screen Rules That Stick

Common Sense Media provides easy tips for limiting kids’ computer, TV, game, and movie time. Read the full article here.

Study Shows Teens Imitate Risky Sex of Films, TV

New research suggests that the sexual content in movies impacts teenage behavior. Read the full article here.

Disney Launches Streaming Apps for the iPhone and iPad

Disney will begin streaming television programs to mobile devices. Read the full article here.

Teens Still Into Bedroom TV Viewing

Teens are still watching lots of TV in their bedroom. Read the full article here.