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Kids Who Text and Watch TV Simultaneously Likely To Underperform At School

The more time teenagers spend splitting their attention between various devices such as their phones, video games or TV, the lower their test scores in math and English tend to be. Read the article here.

Younger Viewers Watch 2.5 Times More Internet Video Than TV

YouTube is must-have service for 67% of consumers 13-24 while only 36% cite pay TV, according to Defy Media survey. Read the article here.

Children Spending More Time Online Than Watching TV For The First Time

Research finds that on average five- to 15-year-olds are spending three hours a day on the internet. Read the article here.

What Types of Video Content Do Millennials Watch?

There will be 78 million millennial digital video viewers in 2016. Read the report here.

Young People Watching Less TV

According to a new report from Marketing Charts, youth as a whole are watching less traditional TV. Read the full article here.

Teens and Millennials Are Abandoning Network TV

Network TV is in big trouble — according to Nielsen as reported by AdAge, viewership of broadcast TV shows on the big four networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC) among 18-to-49-year-olds is down 25 percent from last year.

Read the article here.

Kids and Devices: TV Is Easiest, Tablets Are Most Portable

Nickelodeon takes a look at what attributes kids associate with the different devices they use to watch content. View the research here.

Digital Natives Still Spend More Time with Traditional Media

Traditional TV is still the primary media device for kids and teens. Read the report here.

To Have And To Hold, Literally – Or Just To Watch Digitally? The Evolution of Home Entertainment

With the average American now owning 4 digital devices, Nielsen takes a look at changes in TV viewers habits. Read the article here.

Kids Know Disney, But There’s More Interest In YouTube

Online viewing hasn’t changed everything, but YouTube and Netflix are the entertainment brands kids 8-18 are more interested in than any others. Read the article here.