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Millennials Aren’t Very Interested In Traditional Radio Any More

In lieu of radio, younger millennials have turned their ears and their attention to streaming, with many of those polled opting for on-demand options. Read the article here.

New Vevo Study Defines Types of Music Fans

The new Music Fan Report from Vevo attempts to define what that wily millennial demo is all about. Read the article here.

The Music Industry Wants to Fight the Internet Again – And It’s Probably Going to Lose

With record companies battling streaming music services, such as Spotify, are we headed for another “Naptser” situation? Read the article here.

Teens and Tunes and YouTube

New data from Niche explores which music listening options resonate the most with teens. Read the article here.

Streaming music services claimed around 30% of digital music revenues. Read the full report here.

Streaming Radio Killed the Music Video Star

Teens are turning their attention away from music videos and toward streaming music. Read the full article here.