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Generations Y & Z Seek Anonymity Online

Young people have grown up documenting their every move on the Web, however heightened concerns regarding privacy are prompting them to reconsider. Read the full article here.

Millennials: Technology = Social Connection

Millennials rank “Technology Use” first when asked what makes their generation unique. Read the article here.

Seeking Privacy, Teens Turns to Anonymous-Messaging Apps

Students are turning to messaging apps that allow their identity to remain anonymous. Read the article here.

Social Media Affecting Teens’ Concepts of Friendship, Intimacy

Young people feel socially supported by having large networks of on-line friends they may never see. Read the full story here.

Teens’ Secret Cyber Slang Revealed

Some of the messages you find on your child’s cell phone might not have you LOL, a video from See the video here.

Most Bullied Teens Don’t Tell Parents

A new survey shows that only 41% of teens who are bullied online have reported being a victim to an adult. Read the article here.

Are Teens Really Unfriending Facebook?

Visual content-based apps on the rise – but Facebook is still No. 1. Read the full article here.

Facebook is About to Lose 80% of its Users, Study Says

Will Facebook’s growth eventually come to a quick end? Princeton researchers think so. Read the article here.

The Selfie Syndrome

Why teens use social media for validation and how parents can counteract it. Read the full article here.

The Innovation of Loneliness

What is the connection between social networks and being lonely? Watch the short video here.