Research + News | Topic: Social Communication

Anonymity and Privacy

There are three camps when it comes to social and messaging apps: private, semi-private and anonymous. Read the article here.

What Is “Sharenting” and Should We Be Worried By It?

Are parents oversharing their children’s exploits on social media? Read the article here.

Do Millennials Ever Put Down Their Mobiles?

Millennials spend more time than older consumers with almost all mobile communication activities. Read the report here.

The Great Fragmentation: We Are All Weirdos Now

Columnist Jon Evans wonders if there is such a thing as mainstream culture anymore, thanks to the fragmentation caused by technology. Read the article here.

Tech-Savvy Grandkids Keep Grandparents Young

Grandparents text, email and videoconference grandchildren. Read the full article here.

‘More Connected, Yet More Alone’

As our society (and our lives) become more saturated with technological devices, is our “connected” culture creating a society of lonely people? Read the article here.

Teenage Lives Online

A British television show investigates the online lives of teenagers. Read more here.

Revealed: How Pressures of Online Life Undermine Teenage Girls’ Self-Esteem

Teenagers – especially girls – increasingly doubt themselves, partly due to the boom in the use of social media and online communication. Read the article here.

Young People Power Viral Charity Campaigns

The Ice Bucket Challenge demonstrated the power of young people to drive viral campaigns. Does it reflect altruism, narcissism, or both? Read the article here.

Teen Creates Awesome Science Project That Could Help Stop Cyberbullying

A 13-year-old has created a project that could actually stop cyberbullying. Read about it here.