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What You Wish You Knew About Teens and Digital Media

Fuller Youth Institute’s exclusive interview with danah boyd on their Via Media blog. Read the full interview here.

Millennials Most Digitally Connected Generation

Millennials spend 14.5 hours each week texting, talking and accessing social media on their smartphone, more than any other generation, according to a report from Experian Marketing Services. Read the article here.

‘Sextortion’ Is An Online ‘Epidemic’ Against Children

The number of complaints of online enticement of children is climbing. Read the full story here.

Not Selling Out: Teens Live in Commercial Online Spaces Because That’s Their Only Option

danah boyd argues that teens “live” online because they often have no other place to go. Read the full article here.

The Weird Wide World of Internet Celebrity

New York magazine features profiles of many different online celebrities that your kids may be following. View the article here.

Teenagers ‘More Confident Talking to Each Other via Smartphones than Face-to-Face’

Half of teenagers are more confident expressing themselves over text or social media than a traditional face to face conversation. Read the article here.

Generations Y & Z Seek Anonymity Online

Young people have grown up documenting their every move on the Web, however heightened concerns regarding privacy are prompting them to reconsider. Read the full article here.

Millennials: Technology = Social Connection

Millennials rank “Technology Use” first when asked what makes their generation unique. Read the article here.

Seeking Privacy, Teens Turns to Anonymous-Messaging Apps

Students are turning to messaging apps that allow their identity to remain anonymous. Read the article here.

Social Media Affecting Teens’ Concepts of Friendship, Intimacy

Young people feel socially supported by having large networks of on-line friends they may never see. Read the full story here.