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Why Teenagers Get Suckered In By Social Media Dares

Several popular and life-threatening social media challenges have prompted warnings from public health officials over the last few years. What draws teens in? Read the article here.

Parents Want Some Control Of Their Child’s Mobile Phone Usage

While parents are granting children usage of mobile phones and other connected devices, they also want features on there that they can control. Read the article here.

Study: Parents Worse Than Teens at Texting While Driving

A new study shows that the older a person gets, the more dangerous they are if they are driving while texting. Read the article here.

Here’s What a Constantly Plugged-In Life is Doing to Kids’ Bodies

This is your teen on screens: how are screens affecting our teenagers? Read the full article here.

A Consumer’s Guide to Computer Dangers, Online Threats

Lots of helpful information and links from the security center of Norton 360. View the article here.

Texting Accounts for 39% of Distracted Walking Among Teens

A recent study from Safe Kids Worldwide states that many teens cross the street while texting. Read the full article here.