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Psychologist Says ‘Boys Risk Becoming Addicted to Porn, Video Games and Ritalin’

Absent fathers and feminized schools are driving boys into a disconnected online world of porn and video games, argues academic Philip Zimbardo. Read the article here.

What To Do About Feelings of Inferiority Inspired by Social Media Images

Social media can influence our state of mind and emotion if we allow it. Read the article here.

Parents Can Spy on Teens’ Smartphones, But Should They?

Kids today face a host of dangers that didn’t exist as prior generations came of age. Whether it’s sexting, cyberbullying or overly accessible and highly inappropriate content (aka porn), kids are faced with a whole new array of potentially risky behaviors, many just a click or text away on the ubiquitous smartphone. What’s a modern parent to do?

Read the full article here.

Some Parents Say “No” to Phones for Teens

If it seems like every teenager you see has a smartphone glued to their hand, it’s not your imagination. Read the story here.

Parents Not Super At Protecting Kids’ Privacy

Even though parents are concerned about protecting their children’s privacy online, 69%¬†of them still post pictures of their children online. Read the article here.

What Is “Sharenting” and Should We Be Worried By It?

Are parents oversharing their children’s exploits on social media? Read the article here.

YouTube Unveils New App for Kids

YouTube is quite popular among families, but the service isn’t the safest for kids. So YouTube is launching a service for kids to remedy the problem. Read the article here.

8 Ways to Help Cure Your Teen’s Screen Addiction

Parents welcome technology devices in the home as helpful tools, but without parameters, technology is like the obnoxious houseguest who overstays his welcome. Read the tips here.

Welcome to Your Preteens! Here’s a Mobile Phone

Three in 10 parents plan to give their children phones when they’re 12 or 13 years old. Read the research here.

Tablets and Smartphones May Affect Social and Emotional Development, Scientists Speculate

Journal commentary warns that using a tablet or smartphone to divert a child’s attention could be detrimental to “internal mechanisms of self-regulation.” Read the article here.