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How Young is Too Young for Digital Technology and Social Media?

A blog post from Fuller Youth Institute (that mentions CPYU!) discusses the appropriate age children and teens should use digital technology. Read the blog post here.

Strengthening Our Sons to Avoid Porn While They Are Still Too Young to Know What It Is

A blog post from Jessica Lynette provides practical things parents can train their children towards to help safeguard them from this addiction of pornography. Read the full blog post here.

5 Myths and Truths About Kids’ Internet Safety

An article from Common Sense Media to help keep your kids’ online experiences positive and productive by learning the truth (and ignoring the rumors) about what really makes them safe. Read the article here.

10 Monsters in Our House: When Online Porn Attacks Our Home

A guest blog post on Covenant Eyes discusses protecting children from online pornography. Read the full post here.

7 Dangerous Apps that Parents Need to Know About

A look into some of the scariest apps for your kids. Read the article here.

How to Monitor Apps on Your Child’s Device

How can a part monitor apps their child downloads and uses? Read tips from Covenant Eyes here.

Why Parents Hate Social Networking Sites

An infographic taking a look at kids’ activities on social networks. View the infographic here.

When Parents Are The Ones Too Distracted By Devices

Teens are not the only ones distracted by their devices, parents have the same problem. Read or listen to the full story here.

Technology, Teens and When to Say No

Saying “no” to teens when it comes to technology isn’t easy. Read the full article here.

Google Faces Suit Over Kids’ In-App Purchases

Children’s apps continue to face heat over accidental, unintentional, or unauthorized in-app purchases by kids. Read the full story here.