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Why Parents Hate Social Networking Sites

An infographic taking a look at kids’ activities on social networks. View the infographic here.

When Parents Are The Ones Too Distracted By Devices

Teens are not the only ones distracted by their devices, parents have the same problem. Read or listen to the full story here.

Technology, Teens and When to Say No

Saying “no” to teens when it comes to technology isn’t easy. Read the full article here.

Google Faces Suit Over Kids’ In-App Purchases

Children’s apps continue to face heat over accidental, unintentional, or unauthorized in-app purchases by kids. Read the full story here.

Media Violence

An examination of violence, graphic violence, and gun violence in the media from the Parents Television Council. Download the full report here.

Teens’ Secret Cyber Slang Revealed

Some of the messages you find on your child’s cell phone might not have you LOL, a video from See the video here.

Mobile Device Ownership Higher Among Parents with Children Under 18

Having children at home means many families are likely to have mobile devices. Read the report here.

UNFILTERED: Equipping Parents for an Ongoing Conversation about Internet Pornography

A video resource from Covenant Eyes. Watch the video and find other resources here.

Most Kids On Social Media By Age 10

Age limits intended to keep pre-teens off social media sites aren’t working. Read the full article here.

Cultural Effects on Digital Natives

CPYU President Walt Mueller is interviewed on the License to Parent radio show with Trace Embry. Listen to the interview here.