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For Global Kids, Screens Are as Much a Part of Childhood as Playgrounds

Kids are spending more time with screens than playing outdoors—and while they have countless entertainment options on their devices, parents wield a quiet influence. Read the article here.

Parenting the Internet Generation

Internet accountability software company Covenant Eyes is offering a free e-book to help parents be vigilant in the digital age. Download the free e-book here.

Is Your Child Ready for a Phone?

If you’re considering a smartphone for your kid, you’ll need to think through a few things, from who will pay for it to whether she’s responsible enough to use it appropriately. Read the article here.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Get Your Kids a Phone

Make sure they (and you!) are ready for the next step with conversation starters that get everyone on the same page. Common Sense Media offers some suggestions. Read them here.

The Urgent Role of Parents in the Age of Sexting and Cyberbullying

Compassionate parenting in the age of sexting, cyberbullying, and social media. Read the article here.

What To Do If You Find Something Disturbing On Your Teen’s Phone

One expert’s advice on how to help kids navigate the online world safely. Read the article here.

How To Keep An Eye On Your Kids’ Social Media Accounts

Before granting your kids access to the Internet and social media, a serious conversation should take place about safety, restrictions, and house rules regarding computer/device usage. Read the full article here.

Half of Teens Think They’re Addicted to Their Smartphones

Fifty percent of teens feel they are addicted to their mobile devices, according to the poll, which was conducted for Common Sense Media, a nonprofit focused on helping children, parents, teachers and policymakers negotiate media and technology. Read the article here.

Kids Worry About Parents Oversharing On Social Media, Study Finds

When the photo of your son or the anecdote about your daughter seems too cute not to share on social media, how do your children really feel about showing up in your Facebook or Instagram account? Read the article here.

3 Conversations About Privacy and Security To Have With a Teenager Today

You can teach teens to be smart with technology. All you need to do is start by talking to them about the risks. To make it easier, try pulling stories from the news. It’s a great way to have the point hit home. Read the full article here.