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For Global Kids, Linear TV Is The #1 Source

With so many sources available to consume video, which are global kids using? Read the research here.

Younger Viewers Watch 2.5 Times More Internet Video Than TV

YouTube is must-have service for 67% of consumers 13-24 while only 36% cite pay TV, according to Defy Media survey. Read the article here.

Here’s How Netflix Is Going After Teens

Netflix is courting a demographic very different from the viewers of its mature House of Cards and Orange is the New Black series: teens and tweens. Fortune magazine tells you how.

Read the article here.

Kids Know Disney, But There’s More Interest In YouTube

Online viewing hasn’t changed everything, but YouTube and Netflix are the entertainment brands kids 8-18 are more interested in than any others. Read the article here.

What Are 2015 High School Grads Glued to This Summer? YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video service among recent high school grads. Read the report here.

The Numbers Are In On How Many People are Using Other’s Netflix and Hulu Passwords

A new report from Parks Associates found that more than 10% of households in the U.S. that have a broadband connection and watch a subscription streaming service use an account that someone outside of the house is paying for.

Read the article here.

Redefining What It Means to ‘Watch TV’

A new study published in Pediatrics reports that TV viewing is down significantly in the past decade among those aged 11 to 16. Read the full article here.