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Just One Hour A Day On Social Media Makes Teens Miserable

Social media sites help us stay connected, but for younger teens, the cost of online connectivity can be steep. Read the article here.

Internet Addiction Ups Risks Of Other Mental Health Problems

Youngsters spending excessive time on the internet are more likely to suffer from mental health problems including anxiety, inattention, depression, executive functioning issues, impulsiveness and ADHD.

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Nudity and Social Media Harm Girls

Celebrities routinely appear in compromising and salacious photos, and the tabloid press rewards them with adoring attention. Read the article here.

Six Potential Downsides of Social Media

The first generation raised with social media must recognize that each introduction of new technology brings some unintended consequences with it. Tim Elmore suggests we find ways to counter the negative realities that coincide with the emergence of social media. Read his blog post here.

Is Social Media Fueling A National Epidemic Of Teen Suicide?

Recent suicides underscore the disturbing increase in suicide amongst young people – up at least 13% from 2010. Read the article here.

Certain Adolescent Brains Can’t Stop Gaming. That’s Good and Bad – Here’s Why

Psychologists refer to the addiction as Internet gaming disorder, identified as a “condition for further study” in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). Read the article here.

Split Image

ESPN takes a look at the life of Madison Holleran, a college student who, according to her Instagram account, seemed to have it all together. The truth was much different as she committed suicide in 2014.

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Your Teen’s New Favorite Drug – Their Smartphone

Does your teen wake up exhausted, even when he or she retired to bed at a reasonable hour? It’s probably because your child stayed up all night on his or her smartphone.

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Teen Depression and How Social Media Can Help Or Hurt

Social media has opened the door for cruel cyberbullying, but it can also be a crucial part of recovery from depression and anxiety. Read the article here.

Study: Frequent Social Media Use May Take Toll on Teens’ Mental Health

For many teens, going even an hour without checking Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is a struggle, and this is taking a toll on their health. Read the article here.