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Do Parents Invade Children’s Privacy When They Post Photos Online?

Children’s photos that parents have posted online have ended up in advertisements and on pornography sites.

Read the article from NPR here.

Online Alcohol Marketing Linked to Drinking Among European Teens

Adolescents in Europe may be just as susceptible to online alcohol marketing as their counterparts elsewhere, according to a recent study in four countries that links the ads with kids’ likelihood of drinking and of binge drinking. Read the article here.

Microsoft Bans Corporations From Using Minecraft as a Marketing Tool

Minecraft is a huge deal for a generation of kids, and it is a great way to reach that young, crucial demographic. But marketers are no longer free to use the block-building game however they want to sell unrelated products. Read the rest of the article here.

Nordstrom Turns to Snapchat to Win Over Millennials

The Seattle-based department store chain only got active on Snapchat in November, but its popularity with the next generation of shoppers that Nordstrom wants to cultivate proved irresistible. Read the article here.

Tech Toys and Child Protection – The Internet of Toys

As connected devices gain traction and enter the world of children’s toys and gadgets, privacy concerns should addressed by manufacturers and parents alike. Read the article here.

How The New EU Data Privacy Laws Change The Kids and Teens Ad Market Forever

New European legislation not only calls for parental permission for kids to sign up on social sites, but also alters the restrictions of online advertising to children. Read the article here.

What Happens When A Famous Instagram Teen Stops Being Polite and Starts Getting Real

Instagram-famous teen and Australian model Essena O’Neill is using the huge platform she amassed by posting bikini photos and brunch tableaus to expose the truth about social media: that it’s “fake” and almost entirely staged.

Read the article here.

Microsoft: Digital Trends 2015 White Paper

Microsoft has released insights into the digital consumer in their Digital Trends 2015 white paper. You can read more about the research and access the white paper here.

Acumen Report: Constant Content (Research on 13-24 year-olds) – .pdf

Defy Media takes a look at the digital footprint of 13-24 year-old consumers and sheds some insight. Download and read the full report here.

Marketers May Look to Snapchat to Reach Millennials

Millennials account for more than seven in 10 Snapchat users. Read the article here.