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Revealed: How Pressures of Online Life Undermine Teenage Girls’ Self-Esteem

Teenagers – especially girls – increasingly doubt themselves, partly due to the boom in the use of social media and online communication. Read the article here.

Teens Going to Extreme Lengths for Online Attention

One provocative pose, the flash of a camera and a tap on a screen are all teenagers need to gain thousands, if not millions, of new friends. Read the full article here.

Young People Power Viral Charity Campaigns

The Ice Bucket Challenge demonstrated the power of young people to drive viral campaigns. Does it reflect altruism, narcissism, or both? Read the article here.

Parents May Be Liable for What Their Kids Post on Facebook, Court Rules

A legal precedent has been set in Georgia that would allow parents to be held liable for what their kids post on Facebook. Read the story here.

Survey: 40% of U.S. Web Users Harassed Online

The survey found half of respondents did not know the person harassing them. Read the full article here. is the New Video Platform You Need to Know

For those interested in gaming, is a common video platform to chat and congregate on. Read the story here.

Signs That a Teenager is Hooked on Online Porn: Tips for Parents and Teens

Parents can monitor their children’s online activity by using parental control software or checking their browsing history. Read more here.

Inside the Secret World of Teen Suicide Hashtags

Young people will always find ways to talk about depression, self-harm, and internal pain. Right now these conversations are happening with hashtags on the Internet. Read the full story here.

PewDiePie Is The Most Popular YouTube Star in the World. Why?

How has this YouTube celebrity been able to rack up over 30 million subscribers to his channel? Read the article here.

Online Gaming Moves onto College Campuses

Overwhelming majority of both male and female college students play digital games at least weekly. Read the report here.