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How A Dating App Hookup Landed A Teen On The Sex Offender Registry

An Indiana teenager was placed on the sex offender registry after meeting an underage girl on the Internet, who lied about her age, and then having sex with her. Read the article here.

Is Internet Addiction a Health Threat for Teenagers?

The New York Times takes a look at whether screen addiction, or screen obsession, is a concern for teenagers from a variety of perspectives. Read the different perspectives here.

The Internet’s Most Popular Genre of Porn Is Disturbing

The most popular search term on a mega porn site for the year 2014 was “teen.” View the full article here.

DVR ALERT: Web Junkie on PBS POV – Premieres July 13, 2015

PBS will premiere Web Junkie on July 13, 2015. Web Junkie, a part of their POV documentary series, takes a look at Internet addiction among Chinese teenagers.

View the website here.
Check your local PBS station for air time.

Watch the trailer here:

What Teens Are Really Searching For Online

Among the many other things teens are looking for online, many of their searches are health related.

Read the article here.

Teens and Young Children Are Most At Risk For Developing Internet Addiction

The need to constantly be “plugged in” can lead to many health and developmental problems for young people. Read the article here.

‘Generation Free’: How Teens Have No Concept of Paying for Content Online

Forget generation Z – today’s youngsters are generation “free” when it comes to how they consumer music and TV content. Read the article here.

Japan Tries Online Detox for 500,000 Teenagers Addicted to the Internet

Digital detox centers are becoming more important at battling online obsessives. Read the article here.

Teens Search Internet for Healthy Living Advice for ‘Surprising’ Reasons

One in three teens say they have changed a health-related behavior based on information they found online. Read the article here.

2015 Internet Trends Report

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2015 conference presentation. View the slideshow here.