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Social Networking Is Not Just Changing the Way Teenagers Interact, It’s Changing Their Brains

We’ve become so desensitized to the Internet we’ve failed to realize that it is a potentially dangerous foundation on which to base one’s sense of self. Read the article here.

Teens, Social Media, and Privacy – Research from Pew

Teens share a wide range of information about themselves on social media sites, but this doesn’t mean they embrace a fully public approach to social media. Read the research here.

The Truth About Teenagers, The Internet, And Privacy

Every few months, a new study hits the press about how different generations relate to privacy and so far, the results have been all over the map. Read the article here.

TV Show Reveals How Innocent Photos of Irish Teen Girls Get Posted on Porn Websites

Thousands of photos of Irish teenage girls were found to be uploaded to hardcore pornography sites without their knowledge. Read more here.

Most U.S. Parents Monitor Kids’ Online Activity Closely

55% of parents of 6- to 17-year-olds monitor their kids’ online activity ‘very closely.’ Read more research here.

Revealed: How Pressures of Online Life Undermine Teenage Girls’ Self-Esteem

Teenagers – especially girls – increasingly doubt themselves, partly due to the boom in the use of social media and online communication. Read the article here.

Teens Going to Extreme Lengths for Online Attention

One provocative pose, the flash of a camera and a tap on a screen are all teenagers need to gain thousands, if not millions, of new friends. Read the full article here.

Young People Power Viral Charity Campaigns

The Ice Bucket Challenge demonstrated the power of young people to drive viral campaigns. Does it reflect altruism, narcissism, or both? Read the article here.

Parents May Be Liable for What Their Kids Post on Facebook, Court Rules

A legal precedent has been set in Georgia that would allow parents to be held liable for what their kids post on Facebook. Read the story here.

Survey: 40% of U.S. Web Users Harassed Online

The survey found half of respondents did not know the person harassing them. Read the full article here.