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Worried About Screen Time? Don’t Let Kids Go It Alone

Should we be surprised that 2- and 3-year-olds learn better from a real person than from a screen? Read the article here.

Social Media Holds Weight in College Admissions

CollegeĀ admissions counselors are checking the social media accounts of applicants. Sometimes what they find positively impacts the applicant, but often the impact is negative.

Read the full article here.

The Case Against Laptops in the Classroom

Some teachers and professors are rethinking allowing laptops and other electronics in the classroom. Read the article here.

Teens Search Internet for Healthy Living Advice for ‘Surprising’ Reasons

One in three teens say they have changed a health-related behavior based on information they found online. Read the article here.

Prom Enters Digital Age: Girls Must Email Selfies to School for Dress Approval

One schools efforts to stop girlsĀ from showing up to prom in inappropriate dresses is to send selfie pics of their dress for approval. Read the story here.

Gaming Can Give Troubled Teens Another Shot at Learning

Students who get turned off by education can struggle to see the point of schools, but one project is showing how gaming can give troubled teens another shot at learning. Read the article here.

Girls Make Games: Educating the Developers of Tomorrow

The video game industry isn’t just for males. Read the article here.

Little Kids Beat Big Kids in Tablet Usage

Elementary students more likely to use tablets for schoolwork than middle, high schoolers. Read the full report here.

What You Need to Know About Yik Yak, an App Causing Trouble on Campuses

Anonymous posts on a smartphone application called Yik Yak are facilitating conversations on college campuses, but the dialogue is not always fit for the classroom. Read more here.

Survey: Parents Would Prefer Ban on Data Tracking in Free School E-mail Services

Parents are concerned, and often unaware of in-school data mining of their children’s information from e-mail service providers. Read the full story here.